Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun in San Juan Capistrano

We spent the day today in old town San Juan Capistrano.  I work in that area but due to my hours, I don't really get a chance to explore it much on work days.  Through Violet's preschool, we got a deal on a short professional photo session and we chose the train depot in San Juan as our location.  Violet didn't have much patience, so the whole sitting only lasted about 15 minutes max.


We bribed Violet to sit through the photo shoot with promises to go to the petting zoo in the area next.  I think that's the only reason we really got any photos at all.

Next up was the petting zoo.  The pony ride seemed more like a horse ride.

It was the biggest horse but Violet didn't seem afraid at all.

And as always she loved the corn.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding reception of some work friends of Eric's.  Kids were welcome, so we brought Violet.  While I think she had a great time, we chased her around the whole evening.  I don't think I will be repeating that mistake anytime soon.

Making funny faces.

Playing with daddy.

Daddy days are really different than mommy days:


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